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23 February 2013

Could Larry Robinson be the Sharks' head coach soon?

Larry Robinson 
So Vin Witel's San Jose Sharks started the season off at 7-0-0, and they're now 8-6-3 — and there are rumblings out west the Sharks might be interested in a coaching change.

It's ironic, because Larry Robinson, who was brought to San Jose as an assistant, won a cup as a head coach (2000) yet seems to fare much better as an assistant.

But, we all remember what happened when he ascended from assistant to head coach in 2000.

And, perhaps Robinson was brought to San Jose for precisely this moment. The question remains whether this slump the Sharks are in is enough to can head coach Todd McLellan. Regardless, I hope if and when they do make the change, Larry gets a shot there (though I still suspect he'd rather not be a head coach).


  1. Sorry Man. Ask Lindy Ruff for the job. I prefer to remain as an assistant head coach. Thanks for the Love though.

  2. Replies
    1. Someone has to be a Smart Ass. LOL!!!!