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28 February 2013

DiPietro now says he was being 'facetious' with suicide remarks

What an absolute moron.

Rick DiPietro is now apparently saying he was "100 percent facetious" when he said he considered killing himself over his string of bad luck over the last few years.

For a moment, I felt extremely badly for him.

Now he looks like a complete and utter asshole for this — and for allowing a journalist at News 12 Long Island to believe he was serious about contemplating suicide.

Suicide is not anything to joke about — ever. And if, indeed, he was just kidding about wanting to off himself, he should be ashamed.

The Islanders are supposed to release a statement shortly on the comments. I cannot wait to hear how they spin this crap.

Yet another embarrassing moment in the saga that is Rick DiPietro.

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