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22 March 2013

Hard to believe it, but there are just 8 home games left

The headline is telling — there are but eight home games left in the 2012-2013 regular season.

And with that said, the Devils will likely finish off the season with their best home attendance ever.

In looking ahead at the schedule, here's a look, at the present moment, at what the sellout situation should and could be by season's end.

Saturday v. Florida — only single seats left in the affordable sections (upper tiers) and just a handful of seats in the lower bowl and club sections. Should sell out.

April 1 v. Islanders — Handful of pairs of seats in the upper tiers, and some in the lower. Should sell out by April 1.

The Rock has been full most of this season. But April may be a different story. Will the Devils continue this streak of unmatched attendance in their history? We'll know soon — just eight games remain.

April 6 v. Toronto — Decent seats left in all areas, but not enough to be concerned about the game not selling out. It will.

April 10 v. Boston — Not sure why, but there are tons of seats left for this one. I'd expect a game against Boston would draw well — but as of now, you could practically sit anywhere you'd like. This one may be close — but when all is said and done (it's Boston), it should sell out.

April 12 v. Ottawa — Seats are available, in big quantities, in many sections for this one — upper and lower bowls. But it's a Friday night game. And by the time April 12 rolls along, I'd expect this to be full, too.

April 20 v. Florida — It's a month away, but this one looks like it won't come close to selling out. Thousands of good seats are still available. On the other hand, it's a Saturday game — so it's still possible it sells out.

The Devils have drawn quite well to this point, having sold out all but two home games. But the month of April doesn't look all that promising, including this game against the Canadiens on the 23rd. Tickets are available in every section of the arena, including the lower bowl and club sections.

April 23 v. Montreal — Big quantities of seats are available in every section in the arena for this one. The more I look at these April games (I'm checking on Ticketmaster's website, the more I'm wondering why these tickets are still available given what we've seen already. I mean this game looks to have more than half of the arena's seats still open.

April 25 v. Pittsburgh — Enormous quantity of seats still available for this one, too. Perhaps the Devils are just doing well now with day-of-game walkups and people getting seats much closer to game day.

Truth is, April looks pretty weak as of now, ticket-sales wise. But these teams are often good draws, several of the games are on weekends — and if the team plays well, perhaps they will, indeed, sell these games out as they have all but twice thus far.

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