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21 March 2013

Martin Brodeur misses 13 games, makes up for it by scoring a goal

I love NHL Gamecenter. Martin Brodeur returned after missing 13 games, and scored his second-career regular-season goal, and the third of his career overall. I was fortunate to be in the building when he got his other regular-season goal back in 2000 (against Philly). For those wondering how — he was the last Devils to touch the puck before Carolina put it in their own net on a delayed-penalty call. Oh, and as of this moment, he's stopped 11 of 11 shots. Now let's see if anyone ELSE can score. You know, the ones paid to do so.

NHL Gamecenter Live demonstrates it's true — Marty's second-career regular-season goal. 

The puck crossing the line.

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