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Kevin Canessa Jr. was created in July 2011 by Kevin Canessa Jr. In addition to being a fan of the Devils since 1986, Kevin is also an experienced journalist and editor, having worked at newspapers such at The Jersey Journal of Jersey City, N.J. and The Observer of Kearny, N.J.

He was also the associate managing editor of DiversityInc, and DiversityInc magazine. Currently, he hosts a TV-radio show on the broadcasting network on news, sports, politics and entertainment. He is also the Webmaster of -- and has co-hosted close to 100 shows with Sid Rosenberg, his long-time and dear friend.

NJDevsBlog will be much like no other Devils-related blog, as it will integrate multimedia like no other Devils blog can or has. Some of that content will be "borrowed," or embedded — but much of it will be original material created by Kevin.

Each Wednesday, Kevin takes a satirical look at things going on in the league — and uses a little humor to illustrate the not-so-logical side of our favorite sport.

And, each day, we'll take a look at attendance in the league — and share which games didn't sell out in the post-lockout era.

This blog will only be successful with your input, too. Please click here to send Kevin a message by e-mail with your thoughts, comments, suggestions and concerns.

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